The Open Source by AResourcepool

Open source platforms foster improved software development. Open source Developers have visibility into the source code of the platform and can troubleshoot and modify the code according to their exclusive requirements. Moreover, an open source platform promotes collaboration. The huge number of ideas and solutions shared within a strong development community strengthens the product and offers visibility into how other developers solve complex integration problems.

As a result, companies can simply find a solution to their integration necessities, while having access to a broad set of tools to aid them with future issues that may arise. Best of all, any development team can access what is under the hood, so even if your team changes, your solutions would not suffer.

The Open Source Advantage

Built on an open source integration platform, we offer many of the benefits of open source, making it a perfect choice for those who desire enterprise capabilities such as manageability and flexibility. Organizations can extend a solution based on their exact necessities, getting exactly what they require and none of what they do not.

Active Product Roadmap: Suggested improvements from developers are always incorporated into the product, deployed successfully in a variety of use cases.
Low Barrier to Entry: Businesses have the option to test the product previous to making any significant investments.
The open source advantage makes sure no vendor lock-in. Developers has the freedom to decide on what tools to use and where to deploy their application. Unlike other vendors who enforce a lock-in, we believe in open source and open standards. Best of all, access to the source code means that regardless of what happens, users will for all time have the ability to support their applications.

Open Source Integration Benefits

We are the world’s most broadly used open source integration platform. The integration platforms permit users to custom build integrations and recommend a broad range of connectors to couple applications on premises or in the cloud seamlessly. Furthermore, we offer the advantages you have come to expect from open source technology. To augment the powerful features of an open source platform, we provide various components for enterprise readiness and critical production deployments, such as security, high accessibility, resiliency, performance management, and award winning support.

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